Monday, August 4, 2014

Connecticut Temple Trip, August 3, 2014

Great experiences everyday.  Yesterday we traveled to Connecticut to see the temple that is being built there.  We had a great time with other senior couples in our mission.  We learned that those construction workers who work on site aren't allowed to smoke, drink, swear, or even eat inside the walled area of the temple - only water is allowed inside. 
Hartford Connecticut Temple under construction.
We ate at a very delicious restaurant called Wood N Tap (no, we didn't Tap!).  The view was awesome, as seen below.

View from behind the Wood-N-Tap Restaurant

We went to the birth place of Wilford Woodruff and heard some great stories from a church historian there.  One of Wilford's favorite sayings was, "And we continued on rejoicing" no matter what situation they were in.  I want to be like that.   We just had another beautiful day in paradise, with the corn in the fields tasseled at ten feet, flowers everywhere, huge trees so thick it's a mountain of green, a lovely breeze, red barns, and good people talking about great things, it doesn't get better than this.
This is the Wilford Woodruff Monument

This is our group at the Monument.
(Dad) Individuals in the picture worth noting (you can see us, of course):  Pat Brady's sisters - one above me and to the left with her husband right behind her, and one to the right of the rock (Susan) with her husband right behind her with his hand on the monument.  The woman to the right of Susan is Sister McBride, the mother-in-law of the mission president.  Two people more to the right is Sister Packard and her husband, President Packard right behind her, she's wearing a dark blue dress.

Sunday at church we had a great testimony meeting, our new converts and reactivated members all bore their testimonies and four of them got recommends to go to the temple to do baptisms.  (Dad) Mom bore her testimony in Portuguese!  It really was a great meeting, and I didn't know it but the Stake President came in the back during the meeting and stayed until the end.

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