Saturday, August 30, 2014

We are in Brazil, no phone, no internet but all is awesome! August 30, 2014

Dear Amazing family
We were so thrilled to get to see some of you on our return trip to St. George.  Thank you for your love and hospitality.  And thank you for traveling and making time to visit.  You must know how much you all mean to us, we love you like crazy. 
Brazil is just like I thought it would be is some ways and completely different from my expectations in other ways.  It is lovely here (one of the expectations).  Right now we are in the dry hot season so the weather has been like St George (but not quite as hot).  It hasn't bothered us at all, and we have good air conditioning in our apartment and our office is air conditioned - oh, and we have a pool at the apartment!  Nice Right? The people of course are wonderful.  Everyone is kind.  I met a lady in our building who wants to learn English and she will help me learn Portuguese, which is a little blessing because I don't think I will learn as much in the office since we speak English most of the time. 
So they also have a hot wet season and that is it really, just two seasons here. There is no summer, winter, fall, or spring. We have not learned the bus system yet so we are at the mercy of Elder Davis, who has designated himself the "mission driver".  They are the other couple working in the office.  I am sure we will love working with them.  Yesterday I was feeling a little like Mulan in the match makers house :).  Ancestors hear my plea, help me not to make a fool of me. But as usual Dad came thru and made me look good.  The new rule is Dad cannot leave me for too long in case president expects me to do something for real (Dad: the mission president sent an email to mom asking her to print a bunch of copies of an attachment - she actually picked up the email and let me know when I got back to the office.  We got it done right away, impressive!).  I know it will take time but I feel that I am not building the kingdom here.  Not yet, but I know things will work out well.  We went to a baptism this morning and they asked dad to give a talk on baptism and asked me to pray.  It was scary for me but it felt wonderful to be needed.  I know this is probably sinful but I am a little envious of the other couple that are going to Sorriso (up North), they get to go to different branches and work directly with the people.  They already know all the cities they will be working in.  Ok, no more whining - I did check the box that said anywhere/anything.  Don't read that part to the grandkids! :)  Our apartment is huge, so any of you could come, we have three bedrooms.  There are two sets of bunk beds in one of the bedrooms, which helps us house the missionaries at transfer time (or other needs).  We live one block from the office and two blocks from the church.  Tomorrow is our first Sunday in the "Brazil" mission field...Awesome! 
We love you all so very much.  The Church is true. xoxo Mom
(Dad: We'll try to post some pictures soon.  It doesn't look like we'll get too many P-Days, everyone just keeps working through them!  Laaame, oops Mom said no whining so I'm good.)

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