Sunday, August 31, 2014

End of Another Month, August 31, 2014 (Pictures!)

I promised some more pictures, so here they are:
View to left from our Apt - the tile roof you see at the far left is the church.

View from Apt Right - the bldg with the design and blue windows is the office
This is our Apt - it's nicer than it looks!

These are missionaries we work with - and a banana split.  Elder Bonaro and Phipps

Same missionaries at a baptism (before the banana split)

Carly when we were in St. George
I sent a jump drive to Jenny with all the pictures I took from Atlanta and Houston, so get with her to get copies.  It seemed the easiest to make sure I didn't just take them with me or forget to give them to you.
Nice picture I took of our plane before leaving Atlanta.
Us and the Romrells at the airport in Cuiaba!  We really are here.

I thought I'd include this Picture of the office door, to show what a nice environment it's in.

Here we are again - with President and Sister Reber in the mission home.

OK, you made it through the rest, so I'll tell you this is our REAL apartment!
Our apartment is quite nice, on the third floor of the building above.  We have three bedrooms and three bathrooms, a front room, a kitchen, and a little utility area with a washing machine (that we are grateful for, but no dryer).  No dishwasher, but we know how to do that.  And we kind of miss our griddle.  Outside of that, the house and kitchen were well stocked when we arrived, even food in the kitchen.  As you saw from the pictures above, we are one block from the church and one block from the office - which is awesome!!

Love to all, the igreja is verdadeira.

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