Friday, August 1, 2014

End of Another Month, July 31, 2014

This week has been awesome.  We went to transfer meeting on Wednesday, this is for all missionaries being transferred and those going home.  It was totally amazing.  We have thirty one missionaries going home and they all got to bear their testimonies.  It was a great spiritual experience. Everyone has a story and that story is sacred because of the atonement.  Here's a picture of those going home (6 from our Zone!):

Today (7/31) was our day to work in the temple and we stayed and went thru the session with the missionaries who were leaving.  Dad and I were the witness couple.  The session was such a peaceful experience.  When we were all in the celestial room it was so quiet and reverent - a truly sacred experience.  The missionaries had come to make their accounting to God.  When they enter the mission they go to the temple and make a personal promise and when they leave, they return and report.  As each Elder or Sister entered the room the spirit increased until the feeling was remarkably powerful.  Something that cannot be put into words.
Another Temple picture:
It just needed some white puffy clouds to be perfect...

We took the missionaries to the mission home and then stayed for dinner (at the insistence of the mission president and his wife).  They really give them the red carpet treatment (that's where the picture was taken above) .  There really is no way to convey the powerful spiritual experiences we are enjoying.

Tomorrow is August 1st, "Speak No evil Month"  Good luck.

Us with the Delarosa Family
We went to a great lesson this morning (8/1) with the Delarosa Family.  They are so sharp.  They were baptized last week and have become member missionaries.  His sister is now taking the lessons in their home and they are teaching and testifying.  They are remarkable.  Their young son (Louis - 9) was teaching the Plan of Salvation and he was explaining the "whys" in detail.  It was awesome.  The spirit was strong and Elder Harris has the ability to say just the right things to connect the dots and bring it all together.  The father had a very spiritual experience at his baptism as he listened to Elder Harris' talk on the Holy Ghost and he shared those feelings with us.  I was crying and unable to add anything to the lesson.  This has been a pretty awesome day.  And the zone lunch we were in charge of was yummy.  Or everyone was hungry, you really can't go wrong with chili dogs with watermelon on the side.
The church is true.  Love to all Mom (and some fill-in from Dad)

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